Travelling to Getsemani: all about one of the best neighborhood I have ever stayed.

Travelling to Getsemani: all about one of the best neighborhood I have ever stayed.

I was so glad I made the decision to be travelling to Getsemani.

This neighborhood has everything!

A really cool vibe. Where tourists, locals and foreigners living here all mix and mingle.

A thriving nightlife. And very, very fair pricing. I mean you can stay there, eat and go out for 100,000 COP a day ($33)

Living like a king.With swimming pool at your place. Dancing Salsa every night.

Taking excursions to the old Carthagena that is just a 5 min walk from Getsemani. A walker paradise.

travelling to getsemani 


A colorful street in the neighborhood

Why the Village

Because you won’t feel like you are somewhere special when you are travelling to Getsemani.

The same way you could feel in SoHo in New York , or Montmartre in Paris , France. A place where artists are thriving.

Very dynamic. Very eclectic.

And where you don’t feel harrassed like in a big city. A little village where you will get to meet people from around the world. That love to mix and mingle.

Share their experiences. And will invite you to be part of their lifestyle. People are authentic there. They have a real identity. Artists, Philosophers, universities students. And they are not interested in your money as they can be in other parts of the city. Most particularly the old Cartagena.

You will get to appreciate Getsemani for how you feel there.

An Oasis.

A refreshing breath.

In this post, I will explain you

  • How to get there
  • Where to stay
  • What to do
  • What to expect
  • What you next adventure could be

How to get there


Getting there is very easy.

Hop on a plane to go to Carthagena. Pay a taxi 15,000 COP ( $5) and tell him/her to get to Getsemani.

10 min later and you are in “The village”.

travelling to getsemani

Where to stay

I was very lucky to have found maybe the best accomodationwhen travelling to Getsemani.

I stayed at the gorgeous Casa Del Pozo Boutique Hostel.

Right where the action is at the Plaza the la Trinidad and Calle 30.


I had a fantastic stay!

travelling to getsemani


Not always this crowded. But nonetheless a great place to mingle.

You have everything you can expect from a great hostel.

Great staff. Perfectly bilingual.

Decent price. You have your own curtains in the room. Which makes it nice , private and cozy. The swimming pool will save your life in the middle of the day.

Amazing breakfast.

They even had Salsa lessons every Thursday. The owners are from Sardinia, Italy.

And they know how to decorate and make their guests feel welcome.

The owners just happened to be travelling to Getsemani years ago. And never left.

Plus both of them are very accessible and you can easily speak to them. In whatever you language you decide: English, Spanish, or even Italian.

Moreover, the hostel feels just so relaxing, cozy and nice.Without the whole hassle going on inside the walled city.

Plus there is a pool in the back.

Which, knowing how hot it can get in Cartagena during the day, will certainly make your life a lot easier.

travelling to getsemani

There is a lot of hostels and accommodations you have available when you are travelling to Getsemani.

Most of the party hostels being on Calle 30 near Cafe Havana.

But if that is your thing too, you will easily meet people at the hostel that will be very happy to go out with you.

And guess what: you are a 2 min walk from the big action. But away from the noise. A great, great location.

What to do


You can do the exact same things that if you were in the rest of Cartagena.

Explore the old city. Visit the nearby beaches. But with an added bonus.

Meet the locals.

I love to wander around.

Explore the graffitis. The old architecture. Eat great food at the best price possible.


At night.

travelling to getsemani

The dance and party scene is simply awesome. One of the best dancing places you can find is Cafe Havana.Needless to say, this is a cuban club.

Perfect for a Salsa lover.

When travelling to Getsemani, it is where you want to be if you plan on dancing Salsa.

And yes, Salsa is big here. Just like in Cali.

But with a Carribean twist. The legend goes that Hillary Clinton went dancing there.And apparently had a great time.

You can to!

They charge a cover of 30,000 COP ($10). But well worth the entrance fee.

This is where the best dancers go. And everyone is very friendly.

So you shouldn’t have a problem finding a dance partner. You can then head out to one of the many bars on the street right in front of it.

Or relax and enjoy a homemade cocktail on Plaza de la Trinidad for 10,000 COP ( $3,50).

The Plaza is The chill-out spot in the neighborhood. This is where locals and backpackers hang -out after a hard day of exploring and discovery.

You will get to enjoy a low key atmosphere. Where you can just stay there a good part of the night. And who knows.You can easily be invited into a group and keep on with the night from there.

A great place to be.

What to Expect

You can expect a great vibe from the local.

travelling to Getsemani in 2019

And to easily meet a lot of people.

From all over the world. I meet people from Brasil, Sweden, France, other parts of Colombia, Quebec and Great Britain. If you are lucky enough to have booked the same hostel like I did, you will also be able to make some friends even faster.

The street food at Plaza de la Trinidad is simply amazing.

And so cheap. If you are going there on the weekend.

The place will be packed. Especially as soon as the sun drops. Which is really the only time you can easily relax on the street. Without being hassled by street vendors and other night vendors. Like you could be inside the old town of Cartagena.

Where Your Adventure Could Take You Next

After travelling to Getsemani, it is very easy to hop on the Cartagena airport and visit the rest of Colombia.

There was a Swedish guest at my hostel that booked a sailing trip from Cartagena to the Caribbean coast of Panama.

A five day catamaran trip that sounds like really fun!

You can also easily explore the coast.

On a bus to Santa Marta.

Or another bus that will take you to Playa Bianca.

And you? Have you been travelling to Getsemani? What was your experience? Thinking of going there?

Here another cool piece about Getsemani and Cartagena.


By Chris H.